Nearly 9 Billion Farm Animals are raised and killed for food in the U.S. each year.

The overwhelming majority of them are chickens.

88 Percent of Animals Consumed in the US are chickens.

About the 88% Campaign

The Issues

Chickens raised for meat represent the greatest number of animals raised and killed for the U.S. food supply.

There are no meaningful legal protections for these birds, and their lives and deaths are full of suffering.

Their breeding predisposes them to significant health issues. Their environment is stressful, filthy and devoid of anything related to a natural life. The last hours of their lives are terrifying, involving transport with thousands of other birds to a slaughter facility that typically hangs them upside down, fails to adequately stun them and then slits their throats while they are conscious.

Our Approach

The 88% Campaign is focused on changing the lives of billions of chickens.

We are asking companies to adopt progressive welfare standard that move to higher welfare breeds of birds to address health issues, eliminate current live-shackle slaughter methods to end needless fear, pain and suffering and improve chickens’ environment by adding natural enrichments and giving them more room.

You Can Help

Consumers have a strong voice when it comes to farm animal protection.

You can lend your voice to the 88% Campaign as we work with companies to make improvements in the welfare of chickens.

Join our Fast Action Network. Receive a daily email with quick actions you can take to support current 88% Campaign initiatives and our other work.

Change What You Eat. The best way to safeguard chickens and other farm animals from cruelty and abuse is to transition to a diet that doesn’t include animals or animal products.

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Track Progress

Together, we are making a difference for farm animals.

These are just a few of the many companies the 88% Campaign has helped convince to change the way chickens are treated.

Date of commitment: 2024
Commitment addresses: Breeding, Space, Slaughter
Compass Group
Date of commitment: 2024
Commitment addresses: Breeding, Space, Environment, Slaughter
Date of commitment: 2024
Commitment addresses: Breeding, Space, Environment, Slaughter

Active Campaigns

The Humane League is actively working with these companies to address chicken welfare issues. Click on the campaign logo for information on the company and how you can help.

Take Action

You can help us continue to work for meaningful progress to improve the lives of chickens.

Support our campaigns by joining our Fast Action Network, signing up for our mailing list or becoming a donor.


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